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Bathing ponds

Bathing ponds

The beach is open from Sunday, 13.06.2021 every weekend from 10:00 to 19:00. On weekdays and during the holidays is open from 13:00 to 19:00. The bathing pond is: The guard station is: The kiosk...
Multi-generation place + outdoor gym

Multi-generation place + outdoor gym

Multi-generation placePhoto: Horst Schulz The opening of the newly designed playground has long been longed for. On Monday afternoon, 27.07.2020 in the best weather it was time. Unfortunately, due to the current Corona regulations, the opening of the...


Not far from the city, lies the recreation area "Im Gärtel". Short and long hiking trails invite the nature lover to linger in the forest. The nature trail tells of the native flora and fauna. The town of Baumholder has two huts with barbecue facilities ...


The city's sports centre is located between the school centre and the pond.Baumholder has a lot of places to offer athletes to practice their sporting activities. The Brühlstadion, the well-kept lawn, is mainly used for football matches, for school ...

Club life

Fishing club e.V. Christopher Korb Phone: 06783 - 981023vorstand@av-baumholder.de av-baumholder.de Workers' welfare Klaus Dessauer Phone: 06783-7532 Baumholder Carnival Society Dirk Kaps Phone: 06783-9494kontakt@b-k-g.info www.b-k-g.info Bürgerverein ...

World Rally

This year's World Rally Championship will take place from 15 to 18 October 2020.More information about the rally or the Old Town Festival can be found at www.rallye-deutschland.de or www.altstadtfest-baumholder.de . For overnight stays, you can find...


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