Pump track

On 07.10.2021 it was finally time. The new pump track was officially opened by Mayor Günther Jung.
It is located directly in the immediate vicinity of the multi-generational square and the outdoor gym.
At the same time, there is still a barbecue hut on the grounds of the pump track, which can be used by everyone.

What is a pump track?
A closed circuit with waves, steep curves and jumps.
The speed is built up when driving on a pump track exclusively by shifting weight and targeted pulling and pushing movements. With a little practice, the course can be driven through without any pedal rotation.
The driving technique, which consists of a targeted loading and unloading, is called “pumping” and also works with many other sports equipment. A pump track can also be used with a skateboard, longboard, inline skate or scooter. Especially toddlers develop coordinative skills optimally with the balance bike when rolling on the circuit.

What does a pump track offer?
Pump tracks are play and sports facilities. Here, motor skills are trained on roller sports equipment. The concept’s own, gradual approach to movement sequences ensures a risk-conscious, playful entry while the driving pleasure motivates regular, independent training.
Even for experienced drivers, pump tracks remain interesting in the long term. Here they prove their skills and present ever more sophisticated tricks. The circuits are driven at intervals of between one and five minutes at a time, followed by a break during which users prepare for the next trip. In most cases, the interruption is used for conversations and for exchanging ideas with each other. Drivers also regularly negotiate a common, age-group-appropriate speed with each other, because the common direction of travel provides a structure for agreements. This creates an informal, cross-age and cross-user dialogue that consistently has positive effects on the social behavior of users. In this way, the joint activity strengthens the ability to ensure constructive cooperation.