Snow clearing in the town of Baumholder

As this year’s snowy winter leads to more and more complaints from the inhabitants of Baumholder, the city of Baumholder is forced to clarify some points regarding snow clearing obligation:

According to the statutes, the cleaning obligation of the citizens extends to the area of the property, sidewalks and upstream road sections up to the middle of the road. Therefore, there is no entitlement to snow removal by the city, as snow removal is a voluntary urban service. In addition, the evacuation vehicle can only reach places that are not delivered by parked cars or are too narrow. The same applies to dead ends. These must not be approached at all, since only one driver sits on the vehicle at a time and one is not allowed to drive backwards on his own.

Since the complete street cleaning statute is much more extensive, this is only a small excerpt of it. You can read the statutes completely on our homepage under the heading “Our city, news” or in the city office at the opening hours.