The towers of the Protestant and the Catholic churches characterize the silhouette of Baumholder. Besides the two big Christian churches there is also a New Apostolic congregation as well as a large number of independent, off-post,  smaller protestant parishes which are attended above all by members of the American military community.

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Baumholder`s Catholic Parish Church of St. Simon and Judas Thaddäus was built in neo-Gothic style from1882 – 1885.
The kindergarten of the Catholic parish is located in the residential area “Rauher Biehl”.

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Baumholder`s Protestant Church is a plain hall church in Baroque style, built as an extension to the older late Gothic west tower between 1748 and 1750.
The Protestant parish operates a kindergarten with an all-day care in the old part of the town as well as a youth center.
The parish halls of the Protestants and the Catholics are social centers for senior citizens.

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The Baumholder parish of the Neuapostolische Kirche (New Apostolic Church) was founded in 1932.
For a long time, private apartments of members of the parish and later, classrooms of the local School No.I and the Brühlschule, were used for church services.
The new home for church services, “In der Schwärzgrub 27,” was opened in April 1992 after a construction time of just two years.
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