Points of Interest

Bild "Altes Rathaus.jpg"Altes Rathaus(Old City Hall):  Built in 1840, shortly after Baumholder had become part of Prussia, this building is of classicistic style with a small tower and the city clock. Until 1981, the building was the seat of the district administration. Today, the city office, the local heritage museum, the adult educational office, the social center and the city library are located in this building

Bild "Schmiede 1.jpg"Schmiede Bier(Blacksmith Bier`s Forge):
The small detached house with a projecting roof and cattle stand dates back to the year 1840. The fully operational equipment is of economic and technical historical interest.

Bild "Sehenswertes:ev Kirche.JPG"Prostestant Church: The church is a plain baroque hall church surrounded by the former churchyard. Today’s nave was added to the late Gothic steeple. Duke Christian IV of Zweibrücken sponsored its construction. The interior is the result of redecoration in modern style in the 1950´s. In the 1980´s, remarkable stained glass windows were installed. There are three bells in the tower, a small one from about 1340, a big one of 1499 and a new bell from 1953.

Bild "Leichenpförtchen.jpg"Leichenpförtchen (Gate of Corpses: The Leichenpförtchen is a small tower gate in the former city wall of Baumholder, built in the 16th century. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, the deceased of the villages north of Baumholder were carried through this gate to the graveyard.

Bild "Kath Kirche.jpg"Catholic Church: The Neo-Gothic parish church of St. Simon and Judas Thaddäus was built from 1882 – 1885.  The interior décor dates from about 1900. Parts of the high altar originally come from the Cusanusstift (Cusanus Convent) in Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel River. There are three bells in the steeple, two from the 17th and one from the 18th century.

Bild "Dicker Turm.jpg"Dicker Turm(Thick Tower):
The Thick Tower is a round tower build with quarry stones that was part or the city wall. In the years 1986 – 1988 it was rebuilt according to a city plan of 1860.

The “Thick Tower” and the “Gate of Corpses” are among the oldest buildings of Baumholder.
The “Thick Tower” is also used for marriage ceremonies from May to October.
For more information, contact Mrs. Zahler at the city office or click
Bilder Dicker Turm

Bild "Wäschfrau.jpg"Wäschbach(Laundry Basin):
This is an old community laundry basin that gets its water from a well. In 1988, it was excavated and restored. Today a bronze statue reminds one of its original purpose.