Night watchman tour

Welcome to a historic night watchman tour through the old part of Baumholder.

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Nachtwächter Dieter Heinz

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Night watchman Dieter Heinz starts the tour at the “Place de Warcq”  

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with a view of the Old Town Hall of Baumholder, built in 1840. Located within the Old Town Hall are:
The City Mayor`s Office
The City Office
The City Library
The Adult Education Office
The Municipal Social Center

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The tour then follows the old city wall along the Brühlpfad behind the Town Hall.

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The next stop is at the blacksmith`s forge in the Badegasse. This forge was at work until the early 1970 `s.

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From there, the tour continues with the historic Protestant Church

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and the old Town Gate called “Leichenpförtchen” (Gate of Corpses). In the former days,the deceased were carried through this gate to the cemetery.

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The tour ends at the “Dicker Turm” (Thick Tower).  

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Here a “Turmschnaps” (a liquor) is served.

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The end of the tour was below the Dicken Turm in the Street Im Burgfrieden.

For more information call the city office, Tel.: 06783-981140 or Hotel Westrich, Tel.: 06783-5872