City of the Energy in 2020

  “This is something of a vision of the future for Baumholder,” said the secretary of the Environment of the Rhineland-Palatinate, Margit Conrad. The creativity of local planning participants proved to be a convincing argument for her.
The project “Energy City Baumholder 2020” is also an answer to the particularly negative demographic development and the loss of purchasing power due to the conversion of military to civilian areas in the Baumholder area.

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Project Goals
Baumholder’s project, “Energy City Baumholder 2020,” will be the first time in Rhineland-Palatinate that a comprehensive city energy plan with savings, improvements in efficiency and renewable energy is established and implemented.

The town of Baumholder has experienced a gradual reduction of the German and American military presences.  A complete withdrawal of the U.S. Army would threaten the Rhineland-Palatinate with the largest conversion in all of Germany. Baumholder requires a viable and achievable vision for the future through which increased private, economic and public investment is encouraged thereby creating new and sustainable jobs by the use of innovative and lasting resources.

One project goal is the development of a comprehensive urban development process particularly in aspects of energy efficiency. The central task is the integration of all partners in urban areas (residents, administration and other public institutions, commercial / trade). This cooperation is to be achieved through a joint discussion with these groups that is facilitated by a moderator. Priority subjects include the preservation of climate by reducing CO2 using the latest technologies.
Incentives for all concerned groups are created by the presentation of these techniques showing the effect to be achieved for the climate and the resulting saving effects. Aspects of climate preservation and savings are presented with an insight into basic practical examples formulated as a goal in a joint discussion. The aim will be an extensive reorganization of energy for the town of Baumholder. In addition to aspects of climate preservation private, commercial and public investment can increase with the involvement of local companies, contributing to a regional value-added. Knowledge transfer through the implementation of individual measures will strengthen particularly the field of trade and industry expertise and as a result help to save and create future-oriented jobs.
Another aim of “Energy City Baumholder 2020” is the imparting of the latest aspects of energy policy and the cooperation of all public persons. In particular, the possibilities of action for citizens, trade and industry will be demonstrated and integrated through these public efforts.
The following questions are to be explored:
-      How can the town of Baumholder serve as an example to establish a forum that informs all persons involved as efficiently as possible that also communicates the program’s goals and content?
-       How and by which methods can new partnerships among urban partners be fostered?
-   Is it possible for such a facilitated forum to communicate an energy conversion of the town and lead to an implementation phase?
-   Can Baumholder’s methods and findings be transferred to other towns and cities?

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