Rural city life

Living in the city and in the village, these two things Baumholder has to offer at once. Our small town offers many shopping opportunities, affordable housing for rent, as well as good transport links, by bus and train, to the surrounding towns of Birkenfeld, Idar-Oberstein and Kusel.

Our city

The city was “founded” in 1490 and has since grown four-fold with an interesting history behind it.

In addition to the weekly market, the city also has a growing new construction and commercial area.


The city of Baumholder offers its residents and visitors a wide range of possibilities and offers of all industries for shopping and commercial space.


The convenient location of the city allows for a variety of activities such as city tours at night, hikes on signposted paths of the dream loop and bike and mountain bike tours in the area of the Nature Park-Saar-Hunsrück.

Leisure & Events

The city has a bathing pond, a sports centre and a lively club life.

The city also borders on the recreation area, which offers many opportunities for nature lovers.


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Public life

Authorities can go to the city office as well as at the municipal office in Baumholder.

The city offers two kindergartens and a primary school. Bus and train connections to secondary schools are possible to Birkenfeld, Kusel, Freisen, Idar-Oberstein, and Türkismühle. There is also a transport connection to the University of Applied Sciences Umwelt Campus.


The small town offers many old and new sights. In addition to the new golden angel cultural centre with museum and city library, the old local history museum in the old town hall, the old city wall and the thick tower are also very interesting and worth a short trip.

Mayor G. Jung

Dear visitor,

I welcome you to the website of the city of Baumholder and thank you for your interest.

The garrison town of Baumholder offers its approx. 4300 inhabitants an attractive environment for living, working and living. It is the namesake and at the same time the largest town of the association municipality of the same name. The city is still characterized by the military training area, the facilities of the German and American forces and the American community, which are partially surrounded by it.
Find out on these pages about various offers of the city of Baumholder for its citizens, about the daily coexistence with the military and the American citizens around the military training ground and get to know the long-standing partnership between Baumholder and the French city of Warcq in the Ardennes or the partnership with the US city of Delaware, Ohio.
Perhaps these sites make you curious about our city? I would be very pleased about your visit.

Kind regards from Baumholder
Your mayor Günther Jung

News, News and Events

Wochenmarkt in Baumholder

Herr Sauer von der Hunsrücker Gewürzwelt wird am Freitag, 17.05.2024 wieder einen Zwischenstopp in Baumholder einlegen. Der Obst- und Gemüsestand von Matthias Nagel, als auch der Stand von Herrn...

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Bürgerbus fährt wieder!

Der Bürgerbus startet wieder mit der ersten Fahrt am 03. August 2021! Endlich kann es wieder losgehen und die ehrenamtlichen Fahrer dürfen nach über einem Jahr Stillstand wieder ihre Fahrgäste...

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