Publications about Baumholder

Over the years, publications on Baumholder have been published. Here an excerpt of it:

  • Book Americans in Baumholder – The Way from Occupier to Friend
    NEW~~~NEW~~~NEW~~~NEW Why did all the officials turn pale when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton had to go to the toilet? Why was Baumholder once the largest […]
  • Cloth bag
    The cloth bag of the city of Baumholder can be purchased for 2,- Euro in the city office during opening hours.
  • Coat of arms of the city of Baumholder
    Designed by the Berlin heraldist Prof. Hildebrandt in 1907, the coat of arms of the city, which is based on older seals and coats of […]
  • Medal of the City of Baumholder
    The medal of the city of Baumholder can be purchased for 6,- Euro in the city office during opening hours.
  • Key chain Twinning Warcq
    The key chain regarding our twinning with Warcq can be purchased at the city office for 4,- € during opening hours.
  • Pin’s of the city baumholder
    The following pins can be purchased for 1.50 € each at the city office during opening hours: City coat of arms of the city of […]
  • Baumholder Seelbuch (next to Missale)
    With the discovery of the Baumholder Seelbuch (along with Missale) in the holdings of the Landesarchiv in Speyer, Klaus Böhmer has succeeded in a very […]
  • Rhineland-Palatinate Day 2007
    On 160 pages with 230 color photos the history of the big event in Baumholder is described. From the initial planning, to the organizational processes, […]
  • History of the city and landscape Baumholder
    Do you know the city chronicle “History of the City and Landscape Baumholder”? Klaus Böhmer has revised the chronicle written by Albert Zink. The chronicle […]
  • Image book Baumholder
    With this illustrated book on the recent Baumholder city history on a total of 96 pages, the past becomes ubiquitous again. Through the published footage, […]
  • Jakob Schug – painter and art educator
    The book by Fred Baldes about the baumholder painter and art educator Jakob Schug is here. Jakob Schug left his father’s plow at the age […]
  • 125 years of sport and culture in Baumholder
    On the 125th anniversary of the third largest club in the district of Birkenfeld, the Association for Lawn Sports (VfR), it was necessary to write […]