Bathing ponds

The beach is open from Sunday, 13.06.2021 every weekend from 10:00 to 19:00.
On weekdays and during the holidays is open from 13:00 to 19:00.

The bathing pond is:

The guard station is:

The kiosk is:

The water temperature is:


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Photo: Horst Schulz
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In the middle of the town of Baumholder lies the town harrier of about 3 ha in size.

Part of the natural water is open for swimming. An urban bathing inspectorate and the local DLRG ensure safety. The use of the Stadtweiher for bathing is usually free of charge. However, a contribution towards the cost of implementing the hygiene measures is currently being raised. Adults therefore pay € 2.00 and children / adolescents € 1.00 admission.

Sunbathing lawns, a kiosk, sanitary facilities and ample parking are available to bathers. Ideal for children is the artificially created sandy beach and the climbing tower on the lawn. On the pond forecourt is the multi-generation playground newly opened in 2020.
In the middle of the pond is a giant trampoline with catapult and slide anchored, which is especially popular with the young bathers.

In summer, the DLRG-Ortsverein and the Angelsportverein e.V. organize various activities and festivals around the Stadtweiher. The fishing club, together with the city, cares for the water and the animals in the pond all year round.

The DLRG guard station can be reached by calling 06783-5994.
The fishing club can be reached by calling 06783-981023.

Anglers should contact AV Baumholder, Chairman Christopher Korb (