For 70 years, two communities of different nations have been living peacefully together in Baumholder – the city of Baumholder with around 4,100 inhabitants and the American residential community with about 6,000 Americans consisting of soldiers, their family members and American civilians.

The Baumholder Military Community, the official name of the U.S. site Baumholder, is adjacent to the city of Baumholder. The military community is home to the headquarters of the 16th Supply Brigade and the 421st Fleet. Multifunctional medical battalion and its support units.

There are all the facilities you would find in an American city with a comparable population density: schools, churches, medical care, leisure and sports facilities, financial institutions, various shops and much more.

Photo: Horst Schulz

Two housing estates, Smith Housing and Wetzel Housing in Baumholder, with a total of 1,282 government-owned apartments, are available to members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Baumholder. The remaining families live in 429 privately rented apartments. These are spread over 118 towns and villages in the area of Baumholder.

The official relations between the representatives of the city, the community of Baumholder and the representatives of the American armed forces are very good. They work together with confidence, prefer a preventive problem solution and participate in many events.

Points of contact between the German and American populations are manifold and of great importance and impact for life in the city. Americans shop in the city’s shops and visit the local restaurant. They participate very much in the life of the club, and there are many private friendships between Americans and Germans.

The decades-long coexistence of the two nations has shaped the city of Baumholder. The citizens of Baumholder are cosmopolitan and familiar with the American way of life. The Americans stationed in Baumholder appreciate the location and feel welcome in the city.