Cycle paths

In and around Baumholder there are two larger cycle paths, each with a route logo. Since it is constantly up and down in the community of Baumholder, some altitude meters have to be overcome.
Most of the routes run through paved dirt roads. Only rarely does a piece of the road run on under-traffic roads.

Since March 2005 there is a cycling and hiking map on a scale of 1:25.000, in which both cycle paths are listed. In addition, the map contains the hiking trails in the municipality of Baumholder.

The map is available at the city office, Phone 06783-981140, at the tourist information office in the cultural center Goldener Engel, Phone 06783-7043951 or at the municipal administration Baumholder, Phone 06783-810,

Cycle paths in and around Baumholder

The Sea Way

The sea route is an east-west connection and runs from the
Stadtweiher Baumholder on the “Heide” to Hahnweiler.

Stadtweiher Baumholder – Eschelbacherhof – Mettweiler – Berschweiler – Fohren-Linden – Bächelshöfe – Berglangenbach – Rückweiler – Hahnweiler

The route is signposted with a “lake logo” and is 20 km long.
It goes up and down constantly, 580 meters of altitude have to be overcome.

You can continue cycling to the Bostalsee, where you will meet the Naheradweg, which leads from Nohen to Bingen.

The Burgenweg

The Burgenweg is a north-south connection and runs from the
Frauenburg in Frauenberg to Lichtenberg Castle in Thallichtenberg (district of Kusel).

Frauenburg (Frauenberg) – Kronweiler – Reichenbach – Heimbacherhof – Heimbach – Bächelshöfe – Fohren-Linden – Berschweiler – Thallichtenberg – Lichtenberg Castle

The route is signposted with a “Castle logo” and is 28 km long.
It goes up and down constantly, 925 meters of altitude have to be overcome.

In Thallichtenberg you can continue the way to Altenglan. In Frauenberg you will meet the Naheradweg and cycle on to Bingen.


The topography in and around Baumholder offers everything you could wish for as a mountain biker.

The company The-b-site is at your side with advice and advice and tour tips.
The mountain bike shop offers not only bicycle sales, repair and service, but also offers the following offers:

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  • Indoor Cycling | Grünbacher Weg 7 in Baumholder

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