Location of the city

Baumholder is located in the district of Birkenfeld between the Palatinate Forest and Hunsrück in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.
The city can be reached via the A62 motorway, exit 5 (Freisen) and federal roads.

The railway or Vlexx runs hourly from Idar-Oberstein to Baumholder and back. In Idar-Oberstein the trains from the Rhine-Main area and the Saarland stop. The regular bus service from Idar-Oberstein, Birkenfeld and Kusel runs regularly to Baumholder.

Here in the download of the train timetable RB 34 to and from Baumholder.

Or on the vlexx page under www.vlexx.de or the RNN under www.rnn.info

The cities of Trier, Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken can be reached by car in less than an hour from Baumholder. The French and Luxembourg borders are just over an hour away.

Nearby airports are Hahn (in the Hunsrück), Saarbrücken-Ensheim and Luxembourg.

You can easily find your way to Baumholder via the route system.