The local history museum of the local and cultural district westrich e. V. mainly shows 19th-century furnishings with documents and photos of the development of the city and memorabilia from the extinguished communities of today’s military training area.

For example, in our museum you will find a presentation of the process of linen production from flax to the finished white linen in the laundry cabinet. There is also an interesting collection of cast-iron column furnaces.

In the historical room of the museum you can see important documents about the development of the market town Baumholder, e.g. the house book of 1759/60 by Gottlieb Wilhelm Spener. It contains the description of all houses with yard sin, wooden yard, stables, fountains, names of the owners, interest levies according to the classification of the buildings and plots.

Documents such as the “Weistum”, an old court book from 1570/71, as well as documents and seal of service of the administration and the old town chest of the chamberlain tell of life in bygone times.
A model shows the “Flecken Baumholder” in its extent in 1760. Paintings of historic buildings of the city complete the informative ensemble of this room.

Admission is free.
If you are interested in visiting the local history museum, please call the city office in advance at tel. 06783-981140 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to make an appointment.