Partner city Delaware

In the summer of 2010, the former USAG CDR, LTC Paul Pfahler, set the course for establishing a town partnership with Delaware, Ohio, USA. Baumholder has had friendly contacts with the Wesleyan University football team for many years.
At the meeting of 22.11.2010, the city council approved this twinning and instructed the mayor to prepare a first meeting of the representatives of both cities.

According to the mandate of the city council, a delegation with the then mayor Lang and the associates Röhrig and Flohr flew to Delaware to sign the official partnership document on May 13, 2011.

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At the opening of the Golden Angel Cultural Center, a small delegation from Delaware visited baumholder. Lisa Keller, representing Mayor Carolyn Riggle, came to Baumholder with the Chairman of the Partnership Committee, Rand Gubert, from 12 to 16 September 2018. Debbie Grandits, mother of Lisa Keller, accompanied the small delegation. After a reception and the entry in the Golden Book of the city of Baumholder, we went to the host families Dickes and Zahler for a short breather. On Friday, a visit to the U.S. properties was on the agenda. After lunch in an American canteen, the delegation, accompanied by members of the german-american Friendship Committee, arrived at the Golden Angel Cultural Center. Lisa Keller congratulated the city of Baumholder on this project, which reflects the german-american history of the city of Baumholder. The following picnic at the Stadtweiher was joined by soldiers stationed in Baumholder and former commander Kimmitt. The last official day of the visit was in Heidelberg. In the evening they met with the city leaders, the mayor of VG Baumholder and the committee for the farewell dinner. Lisa presented the mayor with a buggy-team wooden statue, which will find a place in the Old Town Hall.