Nicholas visits Warcq

As every year, a delegation from Baumholder and St. Nicholas visited the twin town of Warcq to surprise the kindergarten and primary school children with sweets and a little bit to play with. All classes had practiced diligently to entertain St. Nicholas and the guests with small demonstrations and songs. The obligatory lunch at the House of Giloy was briefly interrupted at around three o’clock, when the whole society went to an excavation on the outskirts of the village. It was a rare excavation of a private Roman thermal bath, which happened to be discovered during the construction of the highway connecting Warcq with Metz.

The drizzle and the unpleasant, cool wind quickly put an end to the visit. At the end of the visit, speeches by the mayors Bernard Pierquin and Günther Jung as well as the chairman of the Warcq-Baumholder Partnership Committee were delivered back in the ballroom. In the end, as always, small gifts were exchanged, because small gifts are known to receive friendship.